New perspectives on career counseling and guidance in Europe : building careers in changing and diverse societies.

Auteur(s) : COHEN-SCALI Valérie (dir.), ROSSIER Jérôme (dir.), NOTA Laura (dir.)
Dordrecht : Springer, 2018, 252 p.

Thème : Information orientation
Mots-clés : Conseil évolution professionnelle, Orientation professionnelle, Carrière professionnelle, Transition professionnelle, Approche psychologique
Langue : anglais
Format : Petit format
ISBN : 978-3-319-61475-5

Sommaire :

- Introduction : building an international community of research in career guidance and counseling/Valérie Cohen-Scali, Jérôme Rossier et Laura Nota

Key psychological processes involved in career construction of young adults
- Life design in adolescence : the role of positive psychological resources/Laurent Sovet, Chiara Annovazzi, Maria Cristina Ginevra, Andronikos Kaliris et Ernesto Lodi
- Life designing and positive youth development/Sara Santilli, Ilaria Di Maggio, Jenny Marcionetti et Silke Grossen
- Career maturity indicators in adolescence/Iva Cernja, Iva Sverko et Toni Babarovic
- Coping with career indecision among young adults : implications for career counseling/Yuliya Lipshits-Braziler

Transitions in life
- A life design perspective on the work to retirement transition/Ariane Froidevaux
- Early career construction for brazilian higher education graduates/Andrea Knabem, marcelo Ribeiro, Marua Eduarda Duarte
- The places of careers : the role of geography in career development/ Rosie Alexander et Tristram Hooley

Intervention of career guidance and counseling
- Meaning-centered career intervention for college students/Caroline Arnoux-Nicolas; Laurent Sovet, Lhin Lhotellier, Nadia Baatouche, Jean-Luc Bernaud, Sabine Lepez et Béatrice de la Faye
- Barriers and enablers for career development among marginalized south african youth/ Anouk J. Albien, Anthony Naidoo
- Guidance center as sites for construction of agency among young people on the educational margins/ Sanna Mäkinen,Marjatta Vanhalakka-Ruoho

Perspectives for the future
- Final purposes for life-and-career design interventions in the anthropocene era/ Jean Guichard
- Training for career guidance and counseling academic scientists : future challenges and directions/ Lea Ferrari, Teresa Maria Sgaramella et Salvatore Soresi
- European research agenda for career guidance and counselling/ Peter C. Weber, Johannes Katsarov, Valérie Cohen-Scali, Rachel Mulvey, Laura Nota, Jérôme Rossier et Rie Thomsen

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