Exploring changes during life and career design dialogues.

Auteur(s) : POUYAUD Jacques, BANGALI Marcelline, COHEN-SCALI Valérie, ROBINET Marie-Line, GUICHARD Jean
Journal of vocational behavior, n° 97, 2016, pp. 3-12

Thème : Information orientation
Mots-clés : Conseil évolution professionnelle, Conseil en orientation, Orientation professionnelle, Méthodologie entretien
Annexes : bibliographie
Langue : anglais

Résumé : This article describes the processes of change that occur during career counseling based on the 'making oneself self' model (Guichard, 2008; Guichard, 2009). This counseling intervention process forms part of the more general paradigm of life designing (Savickas et al., 2009). The main goal for this counseling is fostering "reflexivity" of individuals with regard to their investment in their various spheres of life. Three career counseling interviews were conducted using both methods of dialogues for life and career design dialogues (LCDD) and self-confrontation (Larsen, Flesaker, & Foundation, 2008; Valach, Michel, Dey, & Young, 2002). Each interview is described with a focus on the changes perceived by the interviewees in relation to their initial reason for consulting as well as on their dialogues with the counselor, who facilitated these changes and provided support for them. The analysis of the dialogues suggests the existence of a three-step evolution supporting the changes. On the basis of these data, the discussion examines the reflexive approach in its theoretical, methodological and practical dimensions. [résumé éditeur]

Url : http://doi.org/10.1016/j.jvb.2016.07.008


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