Current developments in the French engineering education system.

Auteur(s) : LEMAÎTRE Denis
European journal of engineering education [en ligne], vol. 42, n° 2, 2017, pp. 131-141

Thème : Système éducatif
Mots-clés : Ingénieur, Grande école, France
Langue : anglais

Résumé : The French engineering education system has been established in quite a different way from others in Europe, such as the German and British systems, for instance. Due to both the whole state system and the private initiatives during the industrial revolution, the engineering education system today is composed of a large number (nearly 200) of rather small and specialised institutions, which have historically mostly developed outside universities. In the last decades, this system has had to face a powerful internationalisation movement. This has had major consequences on the curricula design, regarding foreign language teaching, international exchanges, and links with research. Currently, the French engineering education system is facing new challenges, regarding innovation and environmental and social issues, in a very competitive higher education context. [résumé éditeur]

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